Lost And Found

by Abi Moore



The 4th single from the new album No More Chasing, this is a song about thinking you’ve got life all figured out, until you find you haven’t.
It's a 70s-blues-rock influenced, low down and dirty steamroller of a song about trying to find direction and losing it behind a tough exterior.
Swamped in distorted electric guitars & a stomp-n-holler rhythm, it's driven by scratched-up vocals, a screaming solo from British harmonica champion Paul Gillings & slide guitar from Andy Trill (Fish/New Purple Celebration.)


I got so tough, didn’t know I was soft
Until I melted so bad you couldn’t scoop me up
I got so cold, didn’t know I could love
Until I felt my heart losing too much blood

I got so wise, I couldn’t be fooled
Until I found myself in love with you
I got so addicted I couldn’t give up
Until I got so deep I was way out of touch

Somebody gimme a direction
Cos I’m the wrong way around
Somebody gimme a solution
To get my feet back on the ground
And take a note of my location
I’m in the lost and found

I got so high, didn’t know I was low
Until I found myself with nowhere to go
I got so set eye with my eye on the prize, that
I could not see what I was pushing aside

I got so sure I had it all worked out, that
I could not tell I was drowning in doubt


I closed my eyes and the world turned around
I’m in the lost and found
I looked up and the world cut me down
I’m in the lost and found

I’m in the lost and found


released November 25, 2022
Abi Moore- Vocals, Backing Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Tambourine, Handclaps
Andy Trill - Electric Guitar
David Booth - Kick
Paul Gillings - Harmonica

Produced by Abi Moore and David Booth
Recorded and mixed by David Booth
Mastered by John Spence


all rights reserved



Abi Moore UK

Americana / Roots-Rock artist from Nottingham. Abi's 4th studio album No More Chasing marks a raucous return after 10 years.

"Impactful, gritty, & above all, brimming with conviction. Abi's stripped back, stomp 'n' holler sound instantly took us to KT Tunstall, while her rootsy, distorted Americana guitar twangs have a delicious White Stripes flavour." RCM
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