The Aftermath of '96

by Abi Moore

Circles 04:09
I’ve made my bed now I must lie in it Even though we’ve done this all before And there’s not much point denying it Because once again it’s all my fault By trying hard to make you happy I’ve somehow hurt you all the more How the hell do I look you in the eye? I never have the heart to make you cry But if you just hear my reasons why One day maybe you will understand CHORUS Don’t you know that you are not the one to blame? I’ve been going round in circles once again I let you fall too deep and God, I’m so ashamed If you ask me now, I will tell you how I’m sorry (I’m sorry) I’m sorry I’ll never change Please don’t lose your faith in womankind You’ll find happiness with somebody else I’m a bad example of my gender I don’t represent love too well ‘Cause something happened long ago Now I can’t let myself go Damn! My past keeps nipping at my heels Damn! I reject love when it’s real Damn! I wouldn’t be expecting you to deal With what my lips reveal CHORUS I guess I’ll add this to the pile Of great mistakes that I’ve made I’ll just keep putting love on trial And walk alone until I reach the grave CHORUS to end
Don’t think I can’t see through you You know I do Don’t think I can’t read your mind You know I do Well, I see through your eyes, I see through your smile And I hear you so clear And you’re calling Well I’m here if you drown, I wont let you down And I’ll take all your fear When you’re falling And maybe this won’t mean that much to you But I love you And maybe it’s not all that much to hear But I love you You know I do And oh, what a beautiful boy you are What a beautiful boy you are Don’t think I can’t love you more than you’ve ever known before You know I can Don’t think I’ll ever let you down You know I won’t Are you willing to let me ‘cos I’ll give you gladly everything I have If you want it? Well I’m not the type to give in to this hype And love ain’t my bag And I’ve fought it I’ve fought it for so long So know that this is hard for me to say But I love you And maybe this is hard for you to hear But I love you You know I do And what a beautiful boy you are What a beautiful boy you are What a beautiful boy you are
Holding On 04:42
She walks in the doorway Alone on her birthday How much can a woman take when she’s got no-one to blame? A feeling inside her Serves to remind her How much can a woman take when she’s got herself to blame? Another photograph She re-reads the epitaph And I just know that I’ll be here forever and a day CHORUS ‘Cause I’ll be Holding on Holding on And I’ll be ever the same, ever the way I felt when God called out your name Holding on Holding on And I’ll feel ever this pain, ever the same, ever the way I feel today People hurt sometimes To pay for all their crimes How dare she think that she’s the only one to hurt this bad? But she’s heard all the lines before She won’t take them anymore How dare they tell her that time will surely heal the pain? Another visitor Pays their respects to her And I just know that I’ll be here forever and a day CHORUS and adlibs to end
You’re the reason I fear your gender You’re the reason I can’t let go You’re the reason I feel so ugly And I won’t let my imperfections show Every year I wait for you to change I may as well look for hairs on the palms of my hands Every time I convince myself you’ve opened up the doors Into my world, then I realise you’re still stuck in yours CHORUS You remind me of everything that I find unproductive in my life You remind me of everything that I won’t be when I become a wife You remind me of everything about your gender that I’ll never love And I don’t know if my best will ever be enough Tell me how can you open up your mouth… How can you say so much and yet you mean so little? Even when I try to bullet-proof myself from all your games You still manage, with just one word, to shoot me down in flames I have wasted my whole life defending you For every accusation I heard, an excuse I produced I’m amazed at the magnitude of your disrespect to me When my only crime was to adore you… …Well, that’s the price for being weak CHORUS My best was never good enough And I was such a good girl You wanted me to keep my head out of the clouds Well, now I hope you’re happy I’ve fallen through the ground ‘Cause all you did was put me down When I needed you around CHORUS to end
Let It Go 04:15
She’s still waiting by the lights It’s gonna be another long night Hanging on a promise of old Unaware of the lie she’s been told Oh girl, let it go Oh girl, let it go She waits to be taken away on the ride of her life ‘Cause no other man ever asked to make her his lawful wedded wife Oh my friend, let it go Oh my friend, let it go She’s hanging on a love that could be But never was and never will be In her mind she makes a martyr of him She gladly does time for another man’s sin Oh my friend, let it go Oh my friend, let it go It breaks my heart to see you freezing half to death But if I told you the truth would it break yours instead? Oh my friend, let it go Oh my friend, let it go And now she’s been waiting ‘til her body’s stiff and tired He must have been caught up in the traffic again tonight She packs up all her things and shuffles home Somewhere she can cry alone Oh girl, don’t you cry alone Oh my friend, let it go Don’t you know he’ll never show? He’ll never show
Mama Please 04:46
What do you want from me? What do you want me to be? What do you want from me? What do you want me to be? How she cries when she reads my words And how she’s sad when she hears my songs She wants me to be happy But she doesn’t know where I belong So I’ll sing what I know What I know Mama please don’t cry for me There’s nothing that you can do no more I made my life what’s it’s become I’ve opened windows and I’ve closed doors So I’ll sing what I know What I know If I had three words to express my self to you; I can’t lie Although you and Dad are pretty good at that I’ll never lie to myself So I’ll just sing what I know I’ll just sing what I know All I know
Remember Me 04:25
Remember me when you’re feeling down When you’ve lost direction and you can’t keep your feet firm on the ground Think of me when you’re feeling low When you’ve reached a crossroads and you don’t know which way you should go Remember me when you’re feeling lonely When you’re crawling in your skin ‘cause everyone just seems so fake and phoney Think of me, and all that we stood for Everything we’ve yet to see and everything we’ve still got left to live for CHORUS Think of me I’m the friend who’s always been there for you Well I’m still here and I’ll be there ‘til the end Don’t you know I’m the one who’s always stood right by you? Well I’m still standing and I’ll stand until the end Remember me when you’ve lost your smile I’ll pick it up for you and put it in your pocket for a while Don’t forget me when you lose your faith I’ll pray for you each night and ask the Lord to keep you in his grace When the darkness pushes out all the light I’ll bring a candle and its flame will keep on burning through the night Don’t forget me when you lose your way All you gotta do is call my name and I’ll be there to carry you all the way CHORUS One day in life, my friend, the meaning will appear One day we’ll understand why God put us here Do you remember? All those times we reached the edge and still we pushed so far ‘Til we stand proud at the gates of Heaven, shouting “Look at where we are!” CHORUS
Winter’s fallen across the land Gripped in the witch’s icy hand Living in hell ‘til the end of time Under her spell, we fall behind……we fall behind They say that Aslan is on the move But legends here are never proved Will he come and bring us light? Do we run or stay and fight? ‘Cause no-one wants to live in sin no more Waiting for the ones from War Drobe Door If it’s true we’ll never know So we just listen to the snow… Winter lasts forever Winter always, but Christmas never ‘Cause in our saviour, she won’t believe She tries to ignore The Prophecy But if we lose grasp of the sacred word What chance do we have of a just world? If we see his coming as a lie We may as well lay down and die… I hear sleigh bells warning Through the blizzard, there’s a figure forming Silence your children so they won’t be heard ‘Cause he who speaks of truth, to stone is turned The fight against evil was never easy But what is prophesied must come true Aslan, I need you here- won’t you come and free me? Don’t let me die without ever seeing you… I hear tell of freedom There’s a whisper in the trees And they say in the North the snow is melting And I could almost swear that soon it could be spring …It could be spring
You said that I could be your angel You said that we could fly away But I don’t wanna fly with you no more You promised me such amazing things But how far can you fly with broken wings? And how am I supposed to get back home? You said the moon would shine its light on me Open my eyes and set my spirit free So why have I been waiting here so long? You said my wings were made of silver sand That I could calm a storm with the touch of my hand But maybe you were wrong CHORUS ‘Cause it’s over, it’s over It’s over and it’ll never be the same I don’t wanna fly with you no more I don’t wanna fly with you no more You said that you would be my hero That you would catch me when I fall But I know how to stand up on my own You said that I would need you here for me But I’ve been trying hard to make you see I just wanna live my life alone CHORUS SOLO DOUBLE CHORUS You said that I could be your angel You said that we could fly away But I don’t wanna fly with you no more
And I fell for it once again I fell for it one more time How many chances will I give? How many times will they pass me by? I wrote the rules all by myself In a contract that I breached You see they don’t mean a thing no more ‘Cause I don’t practice what I preach What makes the situation worse Is that I know exactly how to stop the hurt It’s just the theory looked so good But the practice didn’t turn out the way I thought it would CHORUS And now I’m losing all my faith in the world today Injustice reigns and victims pay and innocence is lost along the way When the Devil calls, they all obey Honesty counts for nothing and I waste my breath with every single word I say This road will be long and harsh, I won’t fool myself It would laugh if I were to stumble It would punish me if I fell All the lessons that I learned in life, I learned them on my own So how am I supposed to tell If they’re right or if they’re wrong? I thought if I gave out love I’d get it back And I thought if I fought for the ones I loved I’d never get attacked I thought with a soul so true and a heart of gold, it would mean something to someone But it seems to me that’s not the case at all CHORUS Why do I keep giving love a chance when it just goes up in smoke? When even destiny slips beyond your grasp it just becomes a joke But I won’t stop washing ‘til I’m fully clean And I won’t stop searching ‘til I’ve found my dream I won’t stop bleeding ‘til I’ve found a cure And I won’t stop dying ‘til I’ve reached Heaven’s door CHORUS to end


“It is no coincidence that the cover of Lincoln singer/songwriter Abi Moore’s debut album is a diary.
Inside is an honest and sometimes courageous chronicle of the past decade, of relationships and incidents and most notably the death of her best friend ten years ago, which forms the basis of Holding On.
But there is a freshness, even an optimism about “The Aftermath of ’96,” mirrored in the quiet strength of several of these tracks, the independence of songs like When The Devil Calls, (“All the lessons that I learned in life, I learned them on my own”) and the very fact that Abi herself has written, played, sung, recorded, mixed and produced pretty much everything here.
Her voice is central to its appeal, reminiscent of Texas chanteuse Sharleen Spiteri at times and beautiful throughout, underlined by gently persuasive melodies and excellent arrangements, notably on opener Circles with its jazzy guitar and the rolling piano and gospel energy of Let It Go.
Yet the set’s standout track is not autobiographical at all but inspired by The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, The Prophecy (Part I) showcasing the breadth of her nascent musical vision while also capturing a sense of wonder and the story’s implicit spirituality. An impressive and emotionally involving introduction to a bright new talent.”

Lincoln Chronicle


released June 12, 2006


all rights reserved



Abi Moore UK

Americana / Roots-Rock artist from Nottingham. Abi's 4th studio album No More Chasing marks a raucous return after 10 years.

"Impactful, gritty, & above all, brimming with conviction. Abi's stripped back, stomp 'n' holler sound instantly took us to KT Tunstall, while her rootsy, distorted Americana guitar twangs have a delicious White Stripes flavour." RCM
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